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Industrial Belts Corporation are the authorized distributors, dealers, stockists & suppliers for the products of PACWEL brand. The PACWEL brand products are Tensioners for Plastic, Pet & Cord Strapping, Tensioners for Steel Strapping, Pet Strapping Sealers, Strap Cutters, Wire Tying Machines, Packaging Accessories, Bag Closing Machines, Seals, Steel Strapping Sealers.

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Tensioners for Plastic, Pet & Cord Strapping

Tensioners for Plastic, Pet & Cord StrappingModel No - PT, PTH, PTHM, PE, PEM, PEH, GPE, GPEH, PEWH, PEWX

Tensioners for Steel Strapping

Tensioners for Steel StrappingModel No - RTE, RTC, DP, DR, FT, FTH, FTM, FTA, FTMH, WGT, PTF, PTFH, PTFW, PTFB, PTWH, PTWR, PTW, PTWB, PTWS, HWT, HWTM, HWTC

Pet Strapping Sealers

Pet Strapping SealersModel No - PS 3, PS 4, PPE, PE, PEH, PES

Steel Strapping Sealers

Steel Strapping SealersModel No - FASD, FASH, FASX, FASS, SASL, SASR, SABR, SADL

Strap Cutters

Strap CuttersModel No - SC, HSC, SSC, LSC


SealsModel No - Snap-on or Open, Push or Overlap, Magazine feed

Wire Tying Machines

Wire Tying MachinesModel No - WBM

Bag Closing Machines

Bag Closing MachinesModel No - BCM/DP, BCM/DN, BCT

Packaging Accessories

Packaging AccessoriesModel No - Polyester Strap, General purpose, Medium-duty, andheavy-duty carton seling tapes.