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Industrial Belts Corporation are the authorized distributors, dealers, stockists & suppliers for the products of DERCO brand.


Derco is manufactured by the range of specially developed fabrics, with covers made of PVC, PU, PE, polyester or silicone rubber. Our standard range comprises of more than 80 belt types and a large number of accessories. We have developed more than 400 additional belt types, in accordance with our distributors and customers. New types are constantly explored & developed.

Converyor Belt for Every Application

We have been sucessfully supplying conveyor belts to the industry for every & each type of application. If your industry/application is not on our list, this doesn't mean that we cannot supply the belt as per your requirement. Just send in your enquiry details, with our wide experience & technical capabilities we will be able to satisfy your requirement.

Our products meet latest industry standards and requirements. Latest developments in industry are monitored closely. New and improved products are constantly added to our a product range. Since we have good insight in markets and close contact with distributors and their customers we are able to deliver the right belt for almost every application.

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