System Plast™ offers a complete family of high quality steel chains for a variety of applications. Straight running and sideflexing models are available in multiple widths and steel types to accommodate a diverse range of conveying needs.

Multiple material types allow for varying strength and corrosion resistance:

  • C45 carbon steel provides high mechanical strength in areas where corrosion protection is not required
  • Standard 430 grade ferritic stainless steel offers affordable corrosion resistance and good mechanical strength
  • Austenitic 304 grade stainless steel provides the best corrosion and acid resistance in our steel chain family. This is a non-magnetic steel featuring 18% chrome and 8% nickel
  • Extra Plus 400 series high performance stainless steel provides excellent corrosion resistance and surface hardness making it ideal for high speed applications. Our Speed-Line models offer minimal gaps and excellent surface finish for optimum product stability.
  • System Plast’s exclusive HB vacuum hardened pins are also available on select 400 series and Speed-Line models. HB pins provide unmatched wear characteristics creating exceptional chain life by minimizing chain stretch.

Most models are available in 3.25” to 7.5” widths for straight running or side-flexing applications.

A variety of side-flexing models are available depending on the type of retention method desired:

  • Tab guide models are popular and offer a very secure retention method. Tabs bent outward left and right ride in the curve track and provide excellent guidance and secure chain retention.
  • Bevel guide models offer retention via an 8° outward bevel. This bevel rides on the inner and outer curve tracks providing a secure retention of the chain.
  • Magnetic retention models eliminate the bevel or tab design and are held in place via magnets embedded in a magnetic curve. This allows for easier curve cleaning and maintenance without disassembling the chain.

All of our steel chains are manufactured to high quality standards on fully automated machinery to provide tight tolerances, optimum performance and excellent surface finishes.

Thermoplastic Solutions to Conveying Needs
All chain materials are NOT created equal!

System Plast™ gives you the options needed to make the right choice. Thermoplastic material choices, outlined in the chart below, offer solutions for many conveying needs. The New Generation ™ (NG™) chain has become a star performer in the beverage industry due to its lower wear rate, lower friction, and lower noise levels. If you have any questions when selecting your chain or belt material, please contact our Application Engineering Group for assistance.

Engineered to Perform

Operating factors effect chain life.

System Plast™ conveyor chains are made to high quality and performance standards. Wear resistance, mechanical strength, operating temperature, coefficient of friction — all of these factors, and more, are considered when formulating a conveyor chain material. Based on laboratory research and extensive field experience, System Plast has developed an unprecedented range of chains that provide market leading performance.