Rubber Belts


High variety of belt sizes available permits the application of Megadyne V-belts on all types of industrial equipments.

Applied technology allows to reach so good dimensional precision in V-BELTS to make them suitable for multiple transmission. This dimensional stability continues also during belt use.

PV V-Ribbed Belts:

Megadyne V-Ribbed belts are endless rubber belts with longitudinal V shaped groove, polybutadiene compound and tensile member in polyester. They transmit the motor power by friction from the driver to the driven side of the machine.

Synchronous Belts:

Timing rubber belts represent an excellent system for power transmission. these transmission systems allow: Synchronized transmission, High and constant angular speed, Excellent mechanical performances, Dimensional stability, Resistence to high and variable loads, Low noise, Low installation tensions, No lubrication and maintenance.

Open-End Synchronous Belts:

Rubber open end timing belts are particularly suitable for linear motion, positioning and reversible transmission systems, they assure high load resistence, no maintenance costs and low noise. Available in different profiles.