Polyurethane Belts


Megapower belts are produced with a single moulding process. High quality thermoset poliurethane assure hi resistence to the abrasion, cords in different materials give to the belt hi strengh.


MEGAFLEX timing belts are manufactured in thermoplastic polyurethane, with continuous spiral steel cords. This type of belt, developed by our Research and Developement, offers good running characteristics and high speeds.


MEGALINEAR belts are thermoplastic poliurethane open-end belts with steel cord to give more resistence, they can be jointed to obtain an endless belt or sold in rolls.


MEGARIB belts are polyurethane by termoset procedure with polyester high tension cords, wich combine the high flexibility of flat belts with the power transmission capability of V-belts.


MEGAFLAT belts are truly endless mandrel moulded, available with either polyester, aramide or cotton reinforcements.


All special belts can be produced with or without cords and also with cord order decided by customer, they can be covered with different materials in acordance with customer drawings and requests.