Converyor & Process Belt

The SM5 Tension Meter is designed to measure the static tension of all belt types and
materials and offers the following benefits:

» Simple one-button operation
» Accurate measurement results for optimal belt performance and life
» Save production and down time with quick readings
» Satisfy quality system requirements with traceable certification
» Integrates with our online calculation program -

The purpose of pre-tensioning a belt is to maintain tension at all times throughout the belt during operation and depends on the belt drive type and peak loading. Minimizing pretension reduces bearing and shaft loading and preserves belt tensile safety factors. Minimum pre-tension is achieved when the belt does not sag or flap under peak running load. Maximum pre-tension is limited by the belt strength and machine design (shafts, bearings and frame).


» Press button 1 second to activate meter.
» Aim light beam at belt back with a sensor distance of 0.4 to 1.2 inches.
» Tap belt to generate a vibration and SM5 will display a frequency.
» Wait for "Ready" display and repeat measurement to confirm reading.
» Press button 1 second to turn off or meter will auto power off after one minute.

Tips and Notes:

» For best results take readings on the belt back rather than tooth side or edge.
» Take a few readings to confirm consistency.
» Turn off nearby vibration interference sources while measuring.
» For long belt spans better readings and resolution can be achieved by temporarily shortening the vibrating free span L to around 1 meter.
» Frequency recommendations from calculations or our belt sizing program are initial theoretical settings and should be confirmed as optimal by observation for no signs of sag or flapping during operation. Once optimal tension is found then a new reading should be taken and recorded for future use.
» New belts conform to the geometry of a system and loose up to 10% pre-tension within the first few hours of run-in. Machine manufacturers often recommend different frequency settings for new and used belts for this reason.
» We offer a certification service for traceability. Calibration interval depends on use/environment and is up to the customer. Please contact customer service for pricing, turn around time and a return number.