Conti Synchrodrive®

Conti Synchrodrive timing belts enable a wide range of customer-specific drive solutions from linear engineering to individual transport solutions. A large variety of versions and adaptation possibilities ensures universal application in very different fields.

Purpose-designed for the realisation of self-guiding systems, the nubbed belt N10 completes the Synchrodrive belt series. Its high tracking stability means there is no need to fit side flanges. The nubbed belt stays in complete contact with the pulley and ensures the positive meshing of the teeth in both senses of motion.

Areas of Application - Conti Synchrodrive timing belts open up areas of application in linear and transport engineering as well as in lifting systems, car washes and positioning of door and gate opening systems. The CONTI SYNCHRODRIVE N10 nubbed belts allow new areas of application in linear and transport engineering, e.g. for Plotters.